I would like to commend Bob Ross for the wonderful job he did in selling my father’s house.

I must also acknowledge his wife, Lisa and also their son Eddie who were so helpful to me in a very

stressful time. I couldn’t have done it without them. When you hire Bob for your real estate needs,

you get the whole family willing to help make it as easy as possible. Their team approach is very effective. Bob handles the business part, while Lisa has the organizational skills and a keen decorative eye. I feel as if I have made some new friends, even after the house sold.
The Ross’s are good, kind people with a lot of heart. I would recommend them and would like to thank them again for all their help.

Debbie McGraw

Hi, Bob,

I just wanted to say "thank you so much" for your expertise and professionalism in
selling my Uncle Arley's home on Crosshill Avenue. I was so happy that the sale
went so well and that you were so knowledgeable and helpful every step of the

As you are aware,settling my uncle's estate has been a very difficult process due

to some trust issues. But the sale of his home was a breeze--and it was because

of you and all you did to move everything along. I am also impressed at the way you always
kept me informed as to the activities with open houses, offers, and steps that
I needed to take to move things along. (Especially all the more important since
I don't live in the area).

I can't be remiss and not mention your wife, Lisa. She was also so helpful in getting me

information on where to take charitable items, who would pick up items, hazardous

household waste sites, etc. You both made everything so much easier for me.


Thanks again,

Cheryl Labriola


can’t thank you enough for the professionalism and compassion you exhibited
while handling the recent sale of our parent’s home.   With the passing of our father in October
2011 and mother in December 2012, the decision to sell the family home was full
of emotion. From our initial discussion about listing the house through the close

of escrow, you were understanding and respectful of the wishes and needs of

the family; and for that, we are most grateful.

Your strategy for marketing the property and listing price was top notch.

The fact that we received over 30 offers and ultimately sold the

home for significantly over asking price is a truetestament to your knowledge

and experience as a real estate professional.

You have been a great friend of the family. We knew after selling our first

home in Torrance many years ago, that you were the one for this sensitive job.
Our parents liked you very much and I am sure they were smiling,
watching all offers roll in.


Mike Bolokowicz and Family


John and I would like to say what a great experience it was working with you on 
the buying of our new home and selling our previous home.

First of all, we felt so comfortable working with you.  You had passed flyers 
out in our neighborhood and really got to know us as people and neighbors.  When 
I started talking to you about what we were interested in house wise, you 
started sending us emails, etc.  What we thoroughly appreciated was the fact 
that you were never pushy with the information, just gave it to us to so we 
could decide if we wanted to pursue it further.

When we decided on a house we liked, you gave us very good advice when asked.  
You did not push your opinion down our throat but answered our questions and 
helped us make an informed decision.  Also, you advised us to wait and sit tight 
as you thought the house we were interested in was overpriced.  Well, after 
waiting (for a few weeks and I am not patient) the house dropped $20,000.00!  

Bob, you were always available to us always, by telephone or text or email and 
always got back to us efficiently!  That is so calming while under the pressures 
of buying and selling a home. 

When buying our new home and selling our home, we felt you would always go the 
extra mile for us as your client!

It was such a big decision for us to make to sell our house and move after 25 
plus years and three remodels in the same home, but you made it less painful. We 
trusted you and knew you would always steer us in the right direction!

If we do ever move again (another 25 years?) we would certainly use and 
appreciate your expertise again!

All the best,

Sherri and John Medeiros

"Difficult Decision"

After a difficult decision was made to sell, my wife did considerable research to find the best real
estate agent for our area. The name that kept coming up was Bob Ross. After the initial meeting,
it was quite clear that Bob was a motivated, knowledgeable, and an experienced agent. He took great
care to listen to our expectations and concerns. He advised us on every issue throughout the
process by thoroughly explaining the pros and cons from his perspective. A plan was developed
and initiated that expedited the home preparation and the subsequent listing. Bob orchestrated the
offer process carefully and professionally. Multiple, fully documented, legitimate full price offers were
presented for review within 4 days of the open house. This was a validation of our joint decision to
set the price at the appropriate level to generate this amount of buyer interest. Bob deftly managed the modest bidding war to raise the final accepted offer to well above the original asking price. Bob then ensured that the escrow process went smoothly and on time. At all times during the entire process, Bob kept us fully informed with phone calls that outlined every important progression of the process. When
small problems arose, Bob did whatever was needed to resolve the matter quickly and properly. It
couldn't have been better. Bob Ross lives in the neighborhood. He understands this area completely.
He is absolutely the only person to consider when selling or buying a property is comtemplated. Please
don't hesitate to call me for any information or any question.
- James Callahan D. M. D.
Seaside Ranchos Torrance

"Family Upheaval"
Dear Bob,
We just wanted to thank you for all you have done for our family. Buying our first home came at such an
unexpected time for us. Two years ago, we felt by no means equipped for such a huge leap. With the expected arrival of Bailey in a few months, limited funds, a two year old who didn't need or want any more upheaval in her life, unsympathetic landlords, to say the least, and an inflating sellers market, we felt that our obstacles were too great. We felt so fortunate to have you in our corner to guide us through the
unknown process. And now, with the sale of our home, your abilities continue to outshine those in your
field. When a problem arises you've gone above and beyond to find the most amicable solution for
all those involved. Your natural ability for working with others has made you a pleasure to do
business with and a joy to be around. It is clear that you are brilliant at all matters concerning
real estate. If we ever find ourselves back in the LA area, we will be calling you.
Robbie, Robin, Shelby and Bailey Coleman- Torrance

"Being Brutally Honest"
With the closing of escrow on my Mother's home, a chapter can be closed indicating finality to
unfortunate events. I would be remiss, however, if I did not take the opportunity to express my
personal appreciation to you for your assistance during this difficult time in my life. On the death of my
Mother, it became incumbent to sell her house since carrying two mortgages or being a landlord
were not in my immediate or financial plans. As you know, you were referred to me and the
referral was extremely positive. Descriptions of honest, trustworthiness, knowledge of the area, reliable were but some of the words used to characterize you. During our business dealings, there was nothing that occurred which contradicted any of the statements about you. If anything, you exceeded my expectations. You were honest about the condition of my Mother's house. Brutally honest to be exact
but at least I knew what I was up against and what to expect. To realize the appropriate market value
of the house, you assisted me with the refurbishing and repairs. You even went to bat for me when the
contractors dragged along or did not complete a job satisfactorily. This support was extremely helpful when the plumbing contractor over billed me after quoting a specific price then charged me for returning
to the house due to an error on his part. In closing, Bob, you were always prompt returning my calls,
keeping me current on the status of the listing and offers, or keeping me abreast of changes and developments. I would not hesitate recommending you to anyone else and, very often I am hesitant
giving a referral. I would call you in a heartbeat to help me with a sale or purchase of a house. In fact, we're working on that right now.
Stephen Dalit-Torrance

"Recommend Without Hesitation"
To whom it may concern:
As a CPA and business manager, I represent the financial interests of many people in the entertainment
industry. I have been recommending Bob Ross to my clients since 1990, and he has done an excellent job representing many of their real estate transactions. Bob has proven himself to be an outstanding team player and I would recommend him without hesitation.
-Very truly yours,
Matthew Lichtenberg CPA-Westwood

"Extraordinary Efforts"
Dear Bob:
I wanted to write to you  to thank you for your extraordinary efforts in connection with the purchase of my home on Glenroy. As you know, we looked for over 6 months for a home with a myriad of different
brokers. After showing us two houses, you were able to focus on our needs and the third house we saw with you was exactly what we wanted. We are very grateful to you for putting an end to the seemingly unending search. In my professional career I have been involved in many escrows. Your efforts made
our escrow flow smoothly. Your advice as to what points to negotiate and what points to concede was
sincere and well founded. I would unequivocally recommend you to any friend or client.
Yours truly,
Roger H. Licht
Attorney at Law, Beverly Hills

"You Were My Fourth Broker"
Dear Bob:
A much belated letter of  thanks for all your efforts in getting our Palos Verdes Estates home sold
last year. As you know,  the house was on the market for 2 1/2 years and you were the fourth
broker I used. Thus, it was a painful experience to say the least. However, I must say you
"delivered" in all respects. Your honesty, market savvy, perseverance and forth rightness was very
much appreciated and just what the doctor ordered to get the job done. My professional occupation
is that of a CPA rendering business management services in the entertainment industry. In this capacity,
I am frequently responsible for assisting a client in buying or selling a residence. I would have
no reluctance to encourage any of my clients to consider you for representing them in this type of
transaction. Again Bob, many thanks for your efforts on our behalf.
Warmest personal regards,
Joel Jacobson
CPA Westwood

"I Commend You"
Dear Bob,
In life, we always make time to complain. I am writing this letter to thank you for your courtesy, professional manner in understanding my needs in helping me acquire my current home. You
first found me a house, then found me a buyer for it, so that I could move into a larger house, which
you also found for me. I commend you!
AI Jibilian

"You Listened To What We Were Looking For"
Dear Bob:
On behalf of Karen and I, we would like to thank you for all your efforts regarding the sale of
our home. But we would be remiss if we didn't extend our appreciation to you for your involvement
in the entire process of purchasing and selling our first home. It was through you that we were able
to find and purchase our first home. You listened to what we were looking for and located a condominium in a great location with every amenity we were looking for. When we were faced with relocating to
the Bay Area, you tried to sell our home in a down market, and while you were able to receive offers, they
were not what we were looking for. You were not discouraged, however, and through your guidance, we decided to lease our home. Once again you came through and found great tenants. Throughout the
rental period, you stayed in touch and kept us apprised of the housing market in the area. Again, relying on your guidance and research, we place the home back on the market at just the right time and price.
We were, of course, delighted that you were able to sell the home in less than a week and recieve more
than its asking price. Through the several years we have known you, you have continued to offer us
sound judgement, honesty, and patience. We appreciate your patience during our periods of indecision and uncertainty in a soft real estate market. Karen and I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work over the years. You've made purchasing and selling our first home a truly rewarding experience. We
would not hesitate in recommending you to family or friends.
Very truly yours,
Karen and Alan Alton

"Bob Is An Outstanding Broker"
To Whom it May Concern:
I am writing this letter as a recommendation for Bob Ross. I believe that Bob is an outstanding
broker. I am prompted to write this because my wife and I are currently celebrating our second
anniversary in our second home we bought through Bob. I can honestly say that we would not be
here today if it was not for the hard work and persistent effort that Bob invested in our projects.
Even years after the fact I would not hesitate to use his services again.
Tom Pickard

"Your Enthusiasm and Determination"
Dear Bob:
We just wanted to thank you again for your assistance in selling our condominium in Redondo Beach.
Your enthusiasm and determination to help us find a qualified buyer were instrumental in the speedy
sale of our home. We appreciate how smoothly everything went, which was, no doubt, due to your professionalism and follow through. It would be our pleasure to recommend you to anyone needing competent assistance with any real estate matter.
Best of luck,
Steve and Pam Pechter

"Thanking Matt For Referring You"
Dear Bob:
Just wanted to let you know that I am calling Matt to thank him for referring you to me. You helped make a very emotional experience a pleasurable one through your high level of professionalism and attention to
my needs, both prior to and during escrow. Thank you for a job well done, and the hard work you did in getting me such a great deal on a wonderful home. I am looking forward to referring my clients and friends to you in the future.
Best regards,
Carl Bressler
Montana Artist

"You Were Extremely Patient"
Dear Bob:
Anne and I wanted to thank you for all your assistance in helping us buy our first home together. You
were extremely patient with us during the process of deciding which area in the South Bay to focus on,
as we probably looked at nearly fifty houses before finally deciding on Manhattan Beach. Since initially
we were still defining our criteria, you showed us a wide range of alternatives-both in terms of
location, floor plans and pricing. It gave us a good sense of the market knowing not only what you
could get for your money but also what variety of housing was available in a given market. You were definitely on top of the market and kept us informed of all the new listings, which gave us the chance to see homes before their first open house. Unlike many brokers, you didn't waste our time looking at homes that didn't make any sense for us-which was important since we both work and value our free time. Your persistence paid off as we finally found the house we both like. In closing the deal, you
provided us with good advice, handled the negotiation process in a very professional manner and
the transaction went very smoothly. You were always accessible for us, and we are grateful for your help
in finding the right house for us.
Best Regards,
Mike DeMartini

"Great Work This Year"
Dear Bob: Thanks so much for
your great work this last whole
year. I look forward to working with
you again some day.
Karen Cornwell
-The UCLA Foundation

"Thanks For All Your Help"
Dear Bob:
Thanks for all of your help. We love the new double wide!
All the best,
Jeff Foxworthy

"I'm Glad You Were a Part"

Hey Bob:
Thank you for helping me find my first house. I'm glad you were a part of my first big step.
Brandy Norwood

"Let's Buy and Sell Houses Again"

Dear Bob:
We just came back from checking out the house. It's coming along. The decorator thinks we could move in in about two weeks. I'm very tense. It's hard to picture my stuff in there, in fact, it's hard to picture my
stuff in boxes, and it's especially hard to picture me putting my stuff in boxes. I hope things are good for
you guys. Let's buy and sell houses again soon so we can hang out. You are great!
 Paula Poundstone